Tuesday, September 15, 2015

* September Sales Tax Up Over 2014 *

September sales tax receipts were up 8.6% compared to September 2014, culminating in a  1.5% increase for the year.

You can read the full report at http://www.co.platte.mo.us/county_elected_officials/profile_treasurer.html.

The use tax is down for the month and the year, 21.6% and 3.2% respectively

This marks the first time I've made a pancake reference two months in a row: general sales tax and use tax revenue is down, but only a difference of .0007% .

The revenue for the roads and parks tax have climbed at a higher rate, with both tax revenues climbing 12.4% over the same period last year, perhaps highlighting odd reporting quirks from Jefferson City.

* The Royals Magic Number is 11 *

The Platte County Treasurer's Office is closely watching the baseball standings.  Not only because any true American is a Kansas City Royals fan, but also because of the noticeable bump we saw in revenues because of the World Series run last year.

Go Royals.

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